Writer, Nature-lover, Traveller


Amanda Marks

Thanks for dropping by.
I’m Amanda Marks. I’m a writer, nature-lover and traveller.

I have been writing much of my working life but only recently decided to write books.

I now have two books to my name. My debut novel, The True, was published in 2019 and is a time-slip mystery set in 2000 and 1725. It has love, loss, mystery, adventure, lots of trees, and a sprinkling of magic.

My second book, Chasing Lions, is a memoir of my years as an overland tour leader (mainly in Africa).  I began writing this memoir as the pandemic struck in early 2020. Making myself relive former times of freedom and adventure was the perfect escapism for those days of restrictions and lockdowns.

I’m currently working on a second book linked to The True.

Both books can be ordered in your local bookshop and are available as paperback and ebook on Amazon.


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