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Starting a website

Starting a website

Actually setting that first foot forward is always the most difficult thing to do, isn’t it?

Setting up a website from scratch when you’re not really sure how it works, is no different.

As I write this, I don’t really have a clue where the words are going to end up, whether it should be a page or a post, whether I have to tick a category, and what a tag is for.

As for a featured image, well, I wanted to look for something vaguely relevant but a picture of a computer seemed rather boring. Instead, I’ve gone for the shop window theme, which after all is what a website is partly about – showing what you’re about. This particular shop window was in Hay on Wye. Sadly I’ve forgotten the name of the shop though, so if anyone recognises it, do let me know!

Why am I bothering? Is this just an exercise in narcissism?

‘Nah,’ as my youngest son would say in his oh-so-eloquent teenage way.

The reason is actually quite a surprise, even to me.

I’ve just finished writing the first draft of a novel. Yes, really. Finished! Me, the girl who was famous for half a side of A4 essays at university because she believed in cutting to the chase and not bothering with the unnecessary extra words that just cluttered up a perfectly good explanation of what was required.

However, it’s only on getting to the end of a first novel that it dawns on you that, actually, the hard work starts here. I’ve now got to be brave, re-read and re-write, and probably chop lots of the words and thoughts that I struggled so long and hard over, and that seemed so perfect to me in the end.

To get me through this stage, I decided on distraction and a sharing of the pain, as well as lightening life by writing about other things that I love.

And so a website begins.

PS. The launch was attended by myself, and my puppy, Finn.

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