Writer, Nature-lover, Traveller



A.G. Marks

I am a traveller.
Despite being vertically challenged, age 25 I headed off through the Middle East and Africa in a 16-ton truck as an overland tour leader/driver. Funny how the best things in life are rarely the things you plan for.

Three years later, having navigated and driven through deserts and rainforests between Suffolk, Syria and Zimbabwe, paddled for days along the Congo River, camped in gravel pits and on roadside verges, and tried to keep fifteen passengers safe and happy, I came home.

I am a wife, mother, daughter, homoeopath, writer and nature lover.

Having married and settled in Suffolk, in 1998 my husband and I founded a specialist travel company, Tribes, which we nurtured for 25 years.  We have two adult sons, a cat and a dog and an old farmhouse.
In 2023, we passed on the baton for our travel company to someone else.

I started writing a book in 2013, just to see if I could do it. In 2019, I published my debut novel, The True, independently. I’m pleased and relieved to say that it’s had many hundreds of wonderful reviews.

My second book, Chasing Lions, was written in lockdown, and is a memoir of my travels as an overland leader/driver. It was published on 17th February 2022.


To get in touch, you can email me at: a.g.marks18 at gmail.com

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