Writer, Nature-lover, Traveller



I am constantly astounded by the natural world. The diversity, the interconnectedness, the beauty, the rawness …

Over millenia, this planet of ours has come up with creatures, plants and ecosystems that work. Even seemingly inhospitable habitats are home to some life form or other. Everything has its place and its use.  There was always, and there still is, give and take, life and death, winners and losers, but, until relatively recently, a balance was always struck.

Things have now changed. Mankind has shifted the equilibrium and we are seeing the repercussions from that imbalance. We affect everything everywhere and sadly, for the natural world, it is rarely for the good.

I strongly believe that we must shine a light on the problems and negative impacts of humanity on the earth; we all need to understand what we’re doing to our home. I feel equally strongly that we should be shouting about the wonders of the world, be that the splendour of ancient European woodland, the majesty of an African lion, or the beauty of a glacial valley.

We all care most for the things we understand, appreciate and love. So let’s lend nature our voice. We can’t all have the resounding reach of David Attenborough, but each little voice can be heard by someone.

The words I write here are simply my little voice.
Pass it on. Shout for nature.