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The True by Amanda Marks

Lives in a remote Northumbrian valley are separated by centuries but woven together in the heart of the trees

Coquetdale, Northumberland
1725. After the final tragedy of an age-old feud, Sam’s mother disappears. His guilt-ridden search brings unexpected adventure and romance. As a fellow of the secret order of ‘The True’, Sam learns to enhance his affinity with nature, and enigmatic links across time are revealed to him in ancient woodlands.

2000. Isolated hill-farmer, Kate, is cautiously attracted to an intriguing stranger brought to her door by endearing runaway, Joe. The man is certainly odd, but not as creepy as her ‘stalker’. Further down the dale, Kate’s woodsman cousin, Nick, falls in love with a mysterious young woman who arrives with spring and disappears as summer ends.

Middle Wood links these seemingly disparate lives separated by centuries, but is that their only connection? Does the answer lie with The True?


“This is one of the strangest books I have ever had the pleasure of reading.” 

“I love this book!!! It’s so cleverly written and presents some really interesting ideas and concepts without being complex.
A wonderful of love throughout time presented in a beautiful backdrop of time travel and natures connection… it’s a must read!”

“I haven’t been able to put this down, it’s brilliant. Good original storyline and a romance but not mushy. We’ve all looked at trees and thought If they could talk what a tale it would be. Imagine it being possible, I might just try my cherry tree in the morning . I’m still rooting for Hawk.”

If you like the time slip novels of Barbara Erskine, enjoy Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series, or enjoy getting lost in tales such as The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey or Glendy Vanderah’s recent debut ‘Where the Forest Meets the Stars‘, this might be right up your street.

Published on 4th October 2019 by Antler House Press

Available in bookshops or Buy paperback or ebook online

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